Lisa R.

It all began 42 years ago, when Lisa’s mom brought her to work at age 5.  In 2004, Lisa started at METRO as a Customer Care Specialist and from time to time, would play the role of “Cool Rider,” METRO’s official, but now retired, mascot.  When asked what she loved most about being Cool Rider, Lisa’s answer was simple.

“I did it the for the kids. I loved visiting schools, giving them high fives, and just seeing their reactions was great.  Sometimes kids got a little scared but we put sunglasses on to hide Cool Rider’s eyes and declawed him.  Most of the time though, the kids just loved it, and I loved being there to make them smile.”

A specific memory that stands out to Lisa during her time as Cool Rider took place at the Akron Zoo.  She was standing next to the lion exhibit and a lion became suddenly interested in her tiger outfit.  The lion approached her and began clawing at the window.  Of course, it was only right that Cool Rider did the same back.

Now that Cool Rider has been retired, Lisa has continued with METRO as a Customer Care Specialist.  She says her favorite aspect of her job is that the work she does matters.

“The work I do every day makes a difference to the people we live around and in our community.  It feels good to help,” she said.  “And it’s great that my supervisor treats me like an important member of the METRO team.”

In her free time, Lisa loves to spend time with her horse, Omar, sometimes taking him to horse shows.  Omar is 28 now and still allows her to ride him.

“He’s basically my big dog, he may be old now but he’s sweet.  He wouldn’t hurt a fly,” she said.

While Lisa now spends most of her time answering calls behind a desk, Cool Rider still lives on in the hearts and minds of employees and community members across Summit County.