Joselyn I.

“I have lived in Akron for about a year now and have used METRO to get around the city.”

[For fun] “I like to read and play games like Word Scape. My mom finished the game and now I am working on beating her score. It’s a competition.”

“The person who inspires me is my grandma. I grew up with my grandparents. I used to go everywhere with them. I used to have this baby doll and I would never leave without it. My grandma passed away and my grandpa is 86; still walking around and acting like a child. He loves to spend time with his grandkids.”


John A.

“This is my first year in Akron so catching the bus is very new to me. I usually catch bus numbers 1, 6, and 14.”

“The bus drivers make you feel so… they have so much knowledge and are so friendly…I’ve been to Cleveland, Canton different cities and for me personally, Akron drivers are more friendly than some of the other places I’ve been.”

“I have a favorite bus driver and for Christmas, I got her a card and on the top of the card, I wrote The world’s best bus driver. She has what we call a Chicken Noodle Soup for the Soul heart; when it comes to talking to you, she makes you feel like family.”

“In my spare time, I create videos and take photographs. I am working on going back to school for my Master’s degree in counseling.”

Timothy B.

“I have been riding METRO for 30 years; pretty much my entire life… it’s my go-to for traveling.”

Timothy B. has lived in Summit County for 30 years and has relied on METRO RTA to get him to work, home, and other destinations in the county. He recently purchased a scooter to get around and is happy to know he can bring the scooter on board the bus as long as it is folded and properly stored. He stays informed on METRO service updates and free ride promotions by following METRO on Facebook at Akron METRO Regional Transit Authority.

“The biggest change I have noticed [about the buses] is the technology moving toward the 21st century. It was already moving in that direction, but you can tell everything is more modern. Have you seen the new Electric buses coming in 2022!?”