Van S.

Van Stump has worked with METRO as a bus operator for nine years. Three years ago he found a new passion for photography. He started taking pictures of food, in part, due to his motto, “We eat with our eyes.” Once he was comfortable with the camera a good friend encouraged him to take photos of wildlife. From there, Van has traveled around the country to take beautiful shots. Van stated, “I enjoy taking photos of dragonflies. Once, a dragonfly was 8 feet away from me. I was able to get some good shots of the dragonfly in flight. I was so excited to review the film once I got home.” Van is not only a great METRO team member, but is an outstanding photographer. Stump’s photography can be viewed at the Robert K Pfaff Transit Center at 631 South Broadway near downtown Akron. You can also find his work on Flickr under the username Eat With Your Eyez or email him at