Ms. S

Meet the first passenger on METRO Connect!

“I’m heading to a doctor’s appointment that I’ve pushed off since March. It’s important we continue to take care of ourselves and get stuff done, (even with COVID). When I use METRO Connect again, I’ll go to other doctor appointments and the bank.”

METRO Connect is a call-ahead service providing convenient trips from designated bus stops to specific destinations within the areas of Cuyahoga Falls, Stow, and Tallmadge. The pilot program began September 14, 2020.

“I lived in Maryland for 20 years before moving back home. I used to ride SCAT to my dad’s house to take care of him. I’ve been riding for four years. I don’t need to ride SCAT though to get where I need to go… (METRO Connect) is perfect for me. The bus stop is close by (to home). I think it’s a better deal, actually.

“I’m really appreciative of those who wipe down the buses so we can have a safe ride. Today, I thought to myself ‘it’d be nice to get on the bus and see different sites.’ It’s nice to get out, ride, and feel safe! I’m glad I followed through.”


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