“My littlest grandson is infatuated with buses. I live on a bus route. When we’re on walks, he yells ‘BUS!’ whenever a bus passes by,” Janet recalls.

“The other day, two buses passed. We took him for a walk and saw four buses lined-up in the Giant Eagle parking lot. He was so excited. The bus drivers waved to him and spoke to him from a distance. He loved it. Once back home, we knew some of the buses would be coming by. We waited in our yard. My grandson was waving at cars, telling them to ‘GO!’, so he could see buses. It was too funny. It wasn’t long before two buses resumed routes. One driver waved at him and another driver gently tooted the horn. It was a great day! Thank you, METRO, and your kind drivers.”

Jackson’s grandmother was a bus rider for many years. Janet recalls riding off-and-on from 1973-1993, but more so during 1980-1990 when she was working at the former Hillhaven Convalescent Center nursing facility in North Hill. Now retired, Janet enjoys spending time with Jackson and her other grandchildren.


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