Autumn“I remember seeing a picture of the flu pandemic that really struck me. I decided I wanted to get pictures to document the COVID-19 pandemic. This is a dark time for everyone and I want to try and put a positive light by highlighting the people in our community.

Portraits of a Pandemic is a series of portraits that document the duality of life this pandemic is creating among those with essential jobs and those staying at home. With the Stay at Home mandate in place by Governor DeWine, life has changed drastically for many people. Only the Essential businesses remain open, while others are forced to close up shop. While many people are bound to their homes and restructuring their lives, there is a whole workforce out there working to combat this pandemic and serve the community however they are able.

“I’ve been working for Todd Biss Productions for 10 years. When I came up with this idea, my boss Todd told me to run with it. We share the same vision and he’s added to the collection, too. It’s a crazy difference I see between essential workers and those staying at home.”


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