joe“Last year I became a fan of riding the DASH around downtown. I work at State and Federal Communications, near Quaker Square, so at lunchtime I like to ride through downtown and see the progress on construction. Sometimes I walk toward Bartges, catch the bus at GoJo, and then ride back to the office. This year, I am looking to use METRO to commute to work at least one day a week. This is a big step for me. I’ve been using the trip planner to see what it would take and then I’ll arrange my schedule. I think riding METRO is one of the most important things anyone can do in our community. I’d love to see us depend less on our automobiles. I also think higher demand for public transportation would improve our environment and our cities’ culture.

“Akron and Summit County seem to be at an important juncture, a kind of ‘hitting the reset button’ with our planning and investment. I am looking for our leadership to take the lead on making Akron a place that values (and invests in) good public transportation and green space. This could be our chance to set a new standard, something Akron could become famous for.”


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