Reggie & Martha

McGuires“My wife (then-girlfriend) and I were out looking for a job. I went to apply at METRO. She got tired of waiting for me in the car so she went in and applied. They called her and didn’t call me until a year. I was like ‘what?!’”

“He was the one that originally wanted the job,” Martha laughed.

Reggie recently reached 25 years of safe driving, and together, the McGuires have more than 50 years of safe driving under their belt. What has kept them safe on the road all these years?

“Stay focused, number one,” Martha advised. Secondly, she uses a defensive driving strategy. “I’m a defensive driver, so I’m always looking to see what could happen next. I’m always planning ahead, and a lot of times I’m right (about what might happen). I’m always contemplating my next move.”

“You have to pay attention, slow down, and have your eyes and ears open at all times,” Reggie added.

Reggie and Martha have 29 and 28 years of service at METRO, respectively.


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