img_3546“I go by Master Lee. I have my black sash in Kungfu and a black belt in karate and Taekwondo. I study Chinese medicine and now practice Qi Gong. Check me out on Facebook.

“When I used to live in a bad neighborhood in West Akron, people would tell me they used the bus to ‘get out and see Akron.’ So I did. I tell people to use the bus and go see everything Akron. Taking the bus works good for me … until I save up enough money to get a car.”


Don Drumm

Don Drumm
The Life and Legacy of Don Drumm

By: Jessica Hill | The Devil Strip

Don Drumm heads to his studios every morning around 9 a.m. dressed in his usual outfit — blue jeans smudged with grease and paint, a button-up jean shirt with the sleeves rolled up, black suspenders and black velcro shoes. A clear nylon washer sticks out from his shirt to keep a button in place. Several different pens poke out of his right shirt pocket, and keys dangle from his jeans and clink as he walks up the gravel path.

Don Drumm sun
A silver aluminum piece with Don Drumm’s signature sun/moon face was made special for METRO.

His workshop is across the street from his galleries on Crouse Street in Akron. The Don Drumm Studios and Gallery stand out with the pastel pinks and purples of the eight houses.

He pushes open a gate with a “Beware of Dog” sign and walks to the door of his office, a pink house with purple trim. A long coffee stain zigzags down the gravel driveway next to the house as a result of a recent experiment, when he emptied an old pot and wanted to see how long the coffee trail could last.

After turning the radio to NPR’s “All Things Considered,” he sits down in his workshop to work on his current project — small metallic sculptures inspired by ziggurats, ancient stone structures from Mesopotamia.

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