img_0569“I used to answer phones for METRO. I helped out temporarily for a few months. I had the bus routes memorized and everything well before that!

“I’ve been riding the bus for over 50 years since I was little. Growing up, I would ride with my grandmother and my mother. We used to go down to First Federal Bank to pay our house bill and we would stop at a place called Scott’s Store on the way back. It used to be where the baseball stadium is now.

“I’m good friends with the bus drivers, too. Are you working hard?” Richard teased Op. Matt who was passing through the Robert K. Pfaff Transit Center.

“I ride the #1 & #2, #3 & #6, the #9 & #30. I remember one time I was riding with Op. Ruth up to Rolling Acres and there was a pregnant woman on the bus — who was due in two weeks — but went into labor right there on the bus. The operator stopped the bus and the woman had her baby in the paramedic!”


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