J.E.T Swade

#Blakron | Tales of the City

By: John Dayo-Aliya | The Devil Strip

The Downtown METRO Transit Center buzzes with kinetic energy at night. The faces of folks spanning the entire spectrums of race and sobriety crowd inside the small building. These faces suggest many stories: stories of adolescent mischief, hard work, and bleak realities — it’s the kind of place an artist could go to have a field day.

Standing in the middle of the transit center, having his photo taken for this article, Akron rapper/producer J.E.T Swade, 22, is taking it all in.

“This is where the people are. Real people. This is kind of like school for me. I was homeschooled most of my life so the transit is kind of like the school of the streets for me.”

Continue reading J.E.T’s story here.


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