Marilyn“I’m a cross guard at Forest Hill. I’ve been there for going on six years in January. My other great-grandson, his brother, goes to Forest Hill. We’re on our way to pick him up now.

“I’ve been riding the bus for 50 years. It’s the way to go. I ride nine different buses a day because I live on the west side and I need to go to the north side. My great-grandsons love riding the bus. If they’re not looking at cars out the window, they go to sleep. I have a picture of both of them sleeping on the bus.”



Karen“I was 9 years old when I was diagnosed with juvenile Type 1 diabetes. I had diabetes for 32 years, and I suffered from kidney disease. On January 1, 2014, I received the gift of life from Adam Joseph Shay. At the time of my transplant, I was 13 years clean and sober. Adam was 1 year clean and sober. He went out one last time and overdosed on ‘bad heroin.’

“Today, I celebrate 18 years clean and sober, and Adam is celebrating 4 years clean and sober.

“I started volunteering for Lifebanc about a year ago, maybe longer, with Adam’s mom. The organization means a lot to me and my family. Since my transplant, my husband had a major heart attack and will eventually need a transplant. My sister died in April 2017 waiting for a lung and liver, but she was able to give the gift of sight. And, when my father died in February 2000, he donated 54 bone grafts across 15 states, including Ohio.

“I volunteer to give back to the organization that gave me life.”


PawsMeet Paws, the Library Lion Cub of Akron-Summit County Public Library!

“I was born in Toronto, Ontario, but Summit County is now my pride land. I recently celebrated my birthday on June 28th. I like prowling for items from the Akron-Summit County Public Library, meeting people, and giving high-fives at area events, and having roaring-good fun!”

Paws visited METRO’s RKP Transit Center for the installation of a Short Story Dispenser! The story dispenser is there to promote reading and literacy joy. Readers can print adult or children stories from a range of genres at the touch of a button. It’s free!

“My favorite book is ‘Library Lion.’ I can’t keep my paws off it!”